Best Gaming Motherboard 2013

Looking for the best gaming motherboard of 2013? Z77 motherboards can handle IvyBridge and SandyBridge CPU’s. If you’re looking for the latest performance, Z87 motherboards are compatible with the new-for-2013 Haswell processors and are designed for maximum performance. High end gaming motherboards can be overclocked to extreme levels with proper ventilation. The hardware manufacturers also make it easier for you by including overclocking software either built into the BIOS or via separate program. There are a lot of options, and the best intel motherboard is all a matter of opinion.

Below you’ll find top performers in various price ranges. Some of these products were released near the end of 2012, so they will remain strong choices in 2013. Others, such as the Z87 mobos, are new for 2013 but may be somewhat more pricier than their older siblings that are not compatible with Haswell Intel processors. These motherboards are all stable when overclocking, but the more expensive options will be able to handle more abuse and push your benchmarks a little bit further.

Best Gaming Motherboards 2013

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