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Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by Tonberry King

Best Thermal Compound Paste

Thermal compound plays a crucial role in keeping your CPU (or GPU) running cool. Although not as important as a high quality heat sink, thermal paste can still lower temperatures by a few degrees. Looking for the best thermal paste 2013? When considering the best thermal/compound paste it’s important to note the market is flooded with brands offering similar results. However, a few rise above the rest in terms of cooling qualities. The following thermal compound products create some of lowest average temperatures under full CPU load conditions:

  1. Arctic Cooling MX-4 Thermal Compound
  2. Prolimatech PK-1 Thermal Compound
  3. Thermaltake TG-1 Thermal Grease
  4. Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra

The typical 4g tubes that these thermal compounds come in work great for the average user. You’ll get 4-5 applications out of a single tube which gives you the chance to install the heatsink with the thermal paste, then remove the heatsink to make sure you get good coverage (no excess paste oozing out of the sides). After cleaning off the first application, you can make adjustments to apply more or less thermal paste to get perfect coverage. Although debatable, one of the best ways to apply thermal paste is in a “X” shape across the CPU.

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