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Published on February 14th, 2013 | by FalconPunch

D-Link DIR-655 Router

The D-Link DIR-655 offers a wealth of features and is a strong contender in the sub $70 router category. The DIR-655 delivers up to 14x faster speeds and 6x farther range than 802.11g which makes it ideal for gaming and HD video streaming. The D-Link features three antennas that provide great coverage for small offices and large homes. Not only is this wireless router ideal for Apple users but it’s also functional with PCs, gaming consoles, and other wireless devices.


What’s the difference between this┬áD-Link router and any other router? The D-Link DIR-555 is a great value. It has all the functionality and security features of other routers but for considerably less. If you’re a gamer on a budget and in need of a high performance router than this is a top contender.


Packaging and Accessories

The router comes with everything you need to get your wifi flying throughout your home. It’s exact components include: D-Link DIR-655, 3 detachable antennas, CAT5 Ethernet cable, power adapter, CD-ROM with installation wizard and operating instructions. Let the installation wizard guide you through an easy set-up so everyone in the family can enjoy the internet at once.


The D-Link DIR-655 comes a limited one-year warranty. See Here for more information.



D-Link DIR-655 Router FalconPunch
Price - 80%
Features - 80%
Performance - 80%
Warranty - 80%

Summary: The D-Link DIR-655 wireless router is highly functional, easy to use and great for the whole family to use and enjoy!


D-Link DIR-655

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