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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Tonberry King


Gaming Shelf Reviews

There’s nothing a girl loves more than a hardcore gamer with a clean gaming setup. Don’t let gaming turn into a messy hobby. Be proud of what you do in your spare time and keep you gaming area organized and sexy.

Gaming shelves come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re in a dorm, tiny apartment, or small living area you need to consolidate your entertainment area. Get organized with some shelves!

tv gaming stand

The Centipede TV Gaming Stand

The Centipede is a solid and easy-to-assemble slim profile gaming shelf. The top has a carbon fiber styled finish and since this shelf has an open back you might want to consider using some sort of cable management system (zip ties should do the trick) to keep everything organized.

This may be the smallest possible gaming stand to fit all of your consoles and your LCD TV. This little beast can hold up to 80lbs and has plenty of vertical space for your Wii U, PS4, and Xbox One.

Construction quality should be a high priority if you plan on putting all your console gaming gear on one shelf. Luckily, this gaming shelf is built sturdy with broad feet for stability with durable wire and solid wood construction to hold the four shelves together.

tv gaming stand

LevelUp Storage Tower Gaming Shelf

The LevelUp Tower is a great solution for a single game console, four controllers, and lots of games. This gaming shelf organizes all your gaming goodies and assembles with snap-together pieces. Its ribbed shelves hold DVD’s, Blu Rays, and games.

Additionally, you’ve got some cool soft coated hooks located on the side of the tower for holding larger controllers and other things that can be hung up. Near the base, there’s plenty of vertical space for a gaming console. This area is extra wide and contains holes at the base where the console sits to improve ventilation.

This tower contains one of the smallest footprints for elegantly displaying your console and games if there is no space on your entertainment center. It should be noted that LevelUp produces different versions of it’s storage tower for each console.

tv gaming stand

Stealth Game Shelf

The Stealth Game Shelf holds 36 disk with cases. As you may have expected from its name, the Stealth gaming shelf is meant to blend in with your room, it doesn’t draw too much attention, but it looks clean when you do see it.

A great feature about this gaming shelf: you can stack these vertically or horizontally. These can fit on desks, entertainment centers, or next to your couch. If you don’t want you games near the floor you have the option to mount this bad boy to the wall. Just get a some drywall screws and an electric drill and you’re set.

Fortunately, the Stealth is designed to hold XBOX, PS3, Nintendo, Blu Ray, and any DVD media you throw at it. It should be noted that very large collector’s edition may have a hard time squeezing in the Stealth.

This gaming shelf is designed for the minimalist that wants to clean up their media collection.

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