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Intel i5-3570K Processor

The Intel i5-3570K is an Ivy Bridge Four-Core 3.4GHz processor with 6MB L3 Cache. The i5-3570K utilizes Socket 1155 and is compatible with all of the latest high end Z77 motherboards. A stock fan and heatsink are included with this model, however you may see better performance with an aftermarket CPU heatsink.


If you’re interested in gaming and overclocking you need to skip the regular 3570. What’s the difference between the Intel 3570 and 3570K? The default Ivy Bridge processors are difficult to overclock. With earlier processors you could calculate overclocking potential by taking the base clock of 133 MHz and apply it by a default multiplier of 25 (that would give you a ~3.33 GHz processor). Since Ivy Bridge has a base clock of 100 MHz, it is harder to tweak. This is the main reason why Intel released the K series, it offers you an unlocked multiplier that allows you to overclock your CPU to much higher speeds. Benchmark reports online have taken this card all the way to 4.5 GHz and beyond (with proper cooling of course).

Features & Power Consumption

Since this CPU is compatible with the latest Z77 motherboards, you can take advantage of all the latest features including integrated SATAIII. The Ivy Bridge series of chips are energy friendly and this CPU is no exception. This CPU idles at roughly 50 Watts and under a full load you can expect around 110~120 watts power consumption. However, Once you introduce a dedicated graphics card power consumption will undoubtedly increase.

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So why is the 3570K processor so popular? In short, it’s powerful, more affordable then the eight-core 3770K, and it has huge overclocking potential over the default 3570. The 3570K utilizes the Ivy Bridge architecture (an upgrade over the older Sandy Bridge) and comes with native USB 3.0, PCIe 3 support for the newest dedicated graphics cards, and compatibility with DirectX 11.

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Intel i5-3570K Processor Tonberry King
Stock Speed - 88%
Overclocking Potential - 92%
Power Consumption - 90%
Price - 94%

Summary: Great overclocking potential, PCIe 3 support, Z77 motherboard compatibility, DirectX 11, what's not to love?


Great CPU

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