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Published on January 17th, 2013 | by Tonberry King

MSI Z77 MPOWER Motherboard

The MSI Z77 Mpower high end motherboard is OC Certified. This is a major extension of MSI’s Military Class certification and is a new standard for overclocking stability. To become OC Certified motherboards are subject to a Military Class tests which consist of a 24-hour Prime95 burn-in test using a liquid-cooled overclocked CPU. MSI includes a bios with a touch screen enabled graphic interface called ClickBIOS II. This gives you full system control, and allows you to change over-clocking settings on a whim. The z77 MPOWER includes HDMI v1.4, integrated wireless network card, SATA 6gb/s (increase data speeds from hard drive to mainboard), USB 3.0, and much more.


The MSI z77 MPOWER’s bios can handle SandyBridge or IvyBridge processors with ease.  The board features a PCI Express Gen 3 mainboard which allows 32gb/s transfer bandwidth. Worried about cooling? MSI includes a heating system called the SuperPipe, which uses a 8mm full copper heat pipe 60% thicker than traditional pipes on other boards. It should be noted that this board lacks CPU vcore offset (increasing voltage giving more juice to components) however the z77 MPOWER makes up for it in other areas. Over-clocking this board yields very positive results as long as proper cooling is enforced.


This board may be a bit tight when running behemoth graphics cards such as the Radeon 7970 but there is still ample ventilation room between them. However there is an issue with the memory placement next to the CPU. When choosing a cooling option for the CPU, some memory modules may block the flow of air so you must choose a low profile variant.


MSI backs up their boards with a very generous three-year warranty. Additionally, each z77 mainboard  is subject to the Military Class 24hour burn in test.

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MSI Z77 MPOWER Motherboard Tonberry King

Summary: High end features for a middle of the road Z77 motherboard. Handles well with over-clocking tests.


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