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Published on August 8th, 2013 | by Tonberry King


Slot Load Blu Ray Burner Reviews

Slot load blu ray burners are ideal for space saving scenarios. Home Theater PC’s can benefit greatly from these small burners. Additionally, mini and micro ATX cases can also benefit from slot load burners, freeing valuable space for solid state hard drives or other components.

Silverstone SOB02

best-slim-iphone-5-case-2013Silverstone products have always been associated with quality and the Silverstone SOB02 is no exception. This slot load blu ray burner that can fit in slim PC cases, home theater PC’s, and laptops.

This 6x blu ray burner has a 2mb buffer, can write CD’s at 24x and DVD single layer disks at 8x and double layer DVD’s at 6x. Blu-ray single and double layer disks can be written at 6x. This drive carries a one year warranty from SilverStone.

This 12.7mm drive is tiny, you can save so much space with its slim form factor. In fact, compared to a normal internal dvd burner, you can fit the Silverstone plus four SSD’s in the same space.

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