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Published on February 14th, 2013 | by Tonberry King

Turtle Beach Amigo II External Sound Card

The Turtle Beach Amigo II is a simple but powerful sound card that requires no software, however, some features such as the 5.1 audio do require drivers. The short cable between the USB connector and sound card allow you to plug this device without blocking adjacent USP ports and also acts as an extension cord.

Who’s Is This Card For?

This sound card is a great replacement for broken headphone jacks. Additionally, the Amigo II utilizes a USB digital connection that isolates the audio signal to provide high quality, clear sound. The microphone input accepts 3.5mm auxiliary or external mic cables. The Amigo II is compatible with Windows, Mac, VoIP software, and is powered by USB – no external power adapter needed.

While this sound card allows you to listen to audio from your laptop at higher, clear volumes, the lack of built-in dedicated amplifiers may be a turn off for some. Additionally, if you are looking for high tier microphone recording and audio ripping, you will have to look at other options.


Turtle Beach Amigo II External Sound Card Tonberry King
Size - 100%
Features - 60%
Connectivity - 60%
Versatility - 60%

Summary: The Amigo II is a small but potent external sound card. If you are looking for a basic sound card for your laptop, you need to consider this option.


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